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"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson


In December, 1965 I sued attorney Stein in behalf of the Crosby estate and Skippy, Inc., and prevailed in both actions. In her deposition testimony, Stein claimed she had no Skippy files or documents we requested. "They blew out of an open was a hot day." On February 8, 1968 Supreme Court Justice Irwin Saypol severely reprimanded Stein, and her counsel, for their conduct, telling them they could both be "disbarred". He found that she had mismanaged my father's property as a ward of the Court. He ordered her to resign as Skippy president, and to return all Skippy stocks and assets she had taken without court approval. He ordered Stein to "release" me as administratrix, Skippy, Inc. and heirs from all future suits, judgments and controversies re Skippy matters. He instructed my attorney to issue new Skippy stock certificates to me as administratrix, declaring that all Skippy transactions without the Court's express approval were "null and void". Although I had asked the Court for an accounting from Stein on Skippy profits, Justice Saypol denied my prayer, saying he had no patience to endure Stein's presence, referring to her as an "emotional hysteric". It was not until after Stein's death in 1985 that I learned of her ties to Rosefield and the Skippy peanut butter racket.

I became Skippy president in 1968, and reported to the Court that the assets of Percy Crosby estate were under $60,000, unaware that CPC had been a silent partner in the litigation and was concealing a fortune in stolen Skippy assets.

It was not until April 23,1987 that a top level CPC officer admitted to a news reporter after CPC's annual meeting that "CPC has been in court with the Crosby heirs for the past 20 years." (Bergen County NJ Record, 4/24/87, page B-1). This confession came after my four children (then adult) and I appeared at the annual meeting , distributed press releases, and made a public protest about CPC's theft of Skippy.

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