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Classic American Dolls
U.S. Postage Stamps honor Percy Crosby's Skippy

Artist Percy Crosby was known as the "Rembrandt of American cartoonists". An accomplished fine artist as well, he created the beloved Skippy character in 1923. Skippy's adventures reflected Crosby's own childhood, and Crosby truly remained a boy at heart, penning such lines as one of Skippy's prayers, "Oh, Lord, give me strength to brush my teeth every night, and if Thou canst not give me strength, give me strength not to worry about it."

The son of an artist, Percy Crosby's talents emerged at a young age as he would "borrow" his father's paints and create designs on the family's back fence. Skippy often reflected his creator's artistic talents by carrying his signature artist's brush and bucket of red house paint in many of the comic strips.

Known as the "All American Boy", Skippy appeared in hundreds of newspapers worldwide, and his readers numbered in the millions. A commercial sensation, there were countless dolls, toys, food products, comic books, "Big Little" books and promotional items bearing his name and image. He was the subject of a 1929 novel, a 1931 feature film starring Jackie Cooper and inspired a radio show. The first four-color reprint made of any comic strip character was a Skippy comic given as a premium with Phillip's toothpaste in the 1930's. Generations of children and dogs became his namesakes, and adults and kids alike were avid fans.

Skippy Collectibles
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Skippy memorabilia, especially Skippy dolls, are prized among collectors. The Skippy dolls were dressed in a multitude of costumes, each wearing a pin bearing his name and the words "the real American boy". Costume designs included his classic bow-tie and baggy pants outfit from the comic strip image, a Boy Scout uniform, a cowboy and more. Dolls from the late 1930's and early 1940's were dressed in military outfits to reflect the wartime era, and it was the Skippy in soldier's uniform which inspired the image shown on the U.S. Postal Service Classic American Dolls postage stamp.

Commemorative Issue - July 28th, 1997
Classic American Doll Stamps

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