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This is the cover of the biography of Skippy's creator, published in 1978 by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, written by Jerry Robinson, with foreward by Jules Feiffer, which is based upon the research of artist's daughter and his court-appointed administrator, Joan Crosby Tibbetts. The book reveals for first time that Percy Crosby was illegally confined in a mental hospital for 16 years until his death, which resulted in years of lawsuits and national publicity regarding Ms. Tibbetts' investigations of unauthorized uses of the famous "Skippy" character name and trademark. The book is now sought by many collectors, and sells for $43 to $50 (155 pages). The book flap quotes author Pete Hamill..."Percy Crosby is one of America's forgotten geniuses, and Jerry Robinson has given us a superb portrait of the man and the artist. It is not only the best book ever written about any cartoonist; it is a book that plunges into the underground river of tragedy that is part of the American Dream."

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